Stress management and emotional resilience


In the face of a challenge our bodies can only sustain high peak performance for a limited period of time before entering the exhaustion phase. With technology flooding us with information there is never an end to challenges anymore so it is not anymore a case of being able to recover fast and efficiently from one to be fit for the next, but it is rather a case of being able to sustain our performance state consistently so that no challenge can ever throw us over the limit anymore.


Resilience is the key. Resilience is the emotional batteries in our bodies. The quality of our batteries and our ability to keep them charged at optimum level dictates how long and how efficiently we sustain performance in the face of a challenge. To improve our performance sustainability we must improve our resilience baseline, this is done by learning HeartMath® Heart-Brain coherence techniques. Get higher capacity batteries to deal with today’s high paced times of extreme change. 

Warning signs

Stress  – Anxiety –  Irritablility – Overactive mind – Negative thinking – Constant worries – Sleeping problems – Fatigue – Underperforming – Difficulties to concentrate – Memory problems – Feeling of not being in control – Being overwhelmed

How Do I KNow
This is What I Need ?

HeartMath® is for you if:

  • You are dealing with a lot of pressure in your personal and/or professional life.
  • Stress is affecting your ability to focus, your relationships, your sleep and health.
  • You are losing interest in your daily activities, you are less and less happy, you are losing your sense of humour.
  • You feel you are not in control, life is controlling you instead.
  • You do not have time for relaxing treatments.

Benefits you might experience:

Better health and overall sense of well-being

  • Improve resilience and tolerance to stress.
  • Restore nervous system health.
  • Increase energy levels & prevent energy drains.
  • Leads to physical, mental & emotional balance.

Better performance

  • Sustain “the zone” of peak performance:
  • Improve mental clarity & problem solving skills.
  • Reduce miscommunication in relationships.
  • Enhance creativity & “out of the box” thinking.
  • Prepare & recover better from stressful events.
  • More ease in shifting from one task to another.

Better Life

  • Increase awareness on what is important in your life, your dreams, goals and values.
  • Increase awareness on what is getting in the way (stressors, energy drains).
  • Actualize the life you really want to live.
  • Experience a more balanced, heart oriented life.

Tell Me More

Our bodies’ stress response is designed to ensure our survival. It is designed to help us escape life threatening dangers. Once we have either eliminated or escaped the perceived danger, our body is able to come back to its normal functionning.

But modern “dangers” are not the life threatening ones we were originally designed to fight: hungry predators have been replaced by financial pressure, work related stress, etc… Because we can not escape these, our bodies are rarely given the opportunity to come back to their normal physiology.

What if we could avoid the deadly release of stress chemicals in the body? What if we could elevate our tolerance to perceived stress? What if we could trick our brains and bodies into ignoring our stressful circumstances?

What is HeartMath®?

The HeartMath system is a training program designed to help people elevate their tolerance to stress and improve their performance & decision making abilities even in challenging circumstances, by connecting with their Heart Center and enter a state of « heart-brain » coherence.

It involves:

  • Education: what stress is and the emotions & physiology involved in its process
  • Coaching: what are our triggers to stress, our energy drains, our values and energy assets.
  • Practice: cardiac coherence techniques to prevent the stress response from impacting cognitive and bodily functions

How does it work?

Full HeartMath coaching ideally requires 4 to 6 hours sessions, spread out weekly. After that you are fully independant and empowered to manage your stress levels in your daily life.

During a session we monitor your natural “coherence” level with a software designed by HeartMath to measure Heart Rate Variability.
You will see in real time on the screen how your heart rhythm patterns fluctuate depending on your emotional state.

During a session you will understand, learn and practice techniques that, in a nutshell, thanks to a simple yet specific way of breathing, makes your heart reassure your brain into ignoring the possible causes of stress around you. This is called “heart-brain coherence”. In between sessions you keep practicing and monitoring yourself with exercises designed to raise your awareness on how you function.

Each session builds up on the previous week’s practice and awareness insights, and you learn additionnal ways to apply the techniques in different areas of your life.

Purchase of one of the emWave devices (computer software, handheld device or mobile phone app) is highly recommended so you can monitor yourself at home like we do during sessions, and build your practice efficiently.


The Institute of HeartMath® Mission is to facilitate a fundamental shift in health, well-being and consciousness.

The Institute of HeartMath (IHM), founded in 1991 by Doc Childre, is a non-profit research and education organization with a mission to study the physiological mechanisms by which the heart communicates with the brain and its influence on cognitive processing, perception, emotion and health.

From its research the IHM has developped techniques and technology that form the foundation of HeartMath’s training programs and products for education.

The for-profit branches of HeartMath (HeartMath LLC and Quantum Intech, Inc.) are developping the technologies and promoting the products and training programs all over the world.


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