Life & Career Coaching

Getting clear to move into action and create results


If creating new results were easy, you would have done it already on your own, and we would all be living the lives of our dreams. By definition if desired outcomes were achievable by doing what we are already doing, we would already be experiencing them. But we don’t and that is because they are outside of our comfort zone and that’s where we often fall short.


Powerful questions leading to constructive introspection, creating the right conditions to finding our own answers, clarifying our goals and being accountable for creating results. Through coaching you uncover what subconscious blocks are limiting you, you succesfully implement a stress management and resilience regimen and you productively convert your spiritual insights into the necessary action to create change in your life.

Warning signs

I want a change but I don’t know what – I want to change but I don’t know how – I want a change but I’m afraid to – I’m trying to change but I don’t succeed – I just can’t do this on my own

How Do I KNow
This is What I Need ?

You know you need coaching when:

  • You want to change something in your life or career and you just don’t seem to be able to do it on your own
  • You have a sense that there is more to life than what you are experiencing now but can not quite pinpoint what to change
  • You know what to change but are unsure how to, are afraid of the consequences or lack the motivation to follow through
  • You have hidden dreams and goals you suffer from not bringing to life
  • You simply face a difficult decision to make

You know you need Coaching when discussing these issues with yourself or your loved ones is too close to home to get you anywhere. When you need to bounce your goals & dreams, ideas & concerns off an external, neutral and non- judgmental listener, in order to get the clarity necessary for decision-making and action.

Benefits you might experience:

  • Shed light on your real motivations,
  • Uncover your fears and limiting beliefs,
  • Reveal incongruences and unrealistic expectations,
  • Uncover ideas you had not yet thought of,
  • Acquire a level of clarity that prompts action,
  • Get real and be honest with yourself,
  • Break down your goals in chewable achievable pieces,
  • Set up action plans and commit to make them happen,

Life coaching is a powerful conversation to make you look deep inside while thinking outside the box. You can use your coach to help you simply gain clarity on a situation or a goal, or a step further to enforce that commitment to yourself by being accountable to your coach for following through on your own goals.

Coaching with a twist

MindSet transformation with PSYCH-K®

A powerful tool to uncover self-limiting and sabotaging belief patterns and transform them into their positive enhancing counterpart directly at the level of the subconscious. Our subconscious mind is habitual and likes status quo, making more difficult for us to engage in life changing decisions as our internal resistance mechanism kick in. Transformation at subconscious level directly deactivates these resistances and allows change to become a habit instead of an effort. Can be used alternatively with Life Coaching to speed up the transformation of negative belief patterns.

Stress Management COACHING with HeartMath®

Prolonged heightened stress levels impairs our physiology and decision making. Relaxation practices although beneficial only reduce the “noise” of stress after it’s already created havoc. Stress management coaching allows you to learn simple effective techniques to prevent the stress from building up and improve resilience. Regulating your heart rhythm patterns engages the heart brain connection and defuses the “fight or flight” mechanism. HeartMath® coaching allows you to practice and integrate this set of techniques into your daily life. Can be used in conjunction with Life and Mindset coaching when the need arises.

Soul Purpose COACHING with Soul Realignment®

We are the powerful creators of our own experience through choice. The choices we make determine the consequences we experience in our life. Making choices more congruent with our Soul’s personality, qualities and talents, creates a heightened sense of fulfilment and “alignment” with who we truly are. This work allows you to discover your Soul Profile, making you aware of the qualities of “who you are” at Soul level, then understand the blocks and restrictions that limit the expression of these qualities in your life. As these blocks are cleared as part of the reading you will feel more free to make choices in life that are more supportive of your Soul’s longings.
This is a stand-alone session based on a “Soul reading” done separately prior to the session. It can be followed up with Life and/or Mindset coaching to help with taking action on the newly gained insights.

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