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We are Souls having a human experience, but as creators of this experience we also have free will and get to experience the consequences of our choices, positive or negative. It is in our best interest to make choices congruent to our spiritual nature as they yield  positive and fulfilling results. Knowing our Soul’s personality allows us to make better choices.


We live in an energetic field of information that “records” every thought feeling deed or action made by every soul from the beginning of times. From this field known as “the Akashic records” we can retrieve information related to your Soul’s qualities and the blocks possibly restricting access to this potential. Upon clearing of these limitations it becomes easier to make choices expressing your true self and so attract more energy and abundance into your life.

Warning signs

I am missing a sense of purpose – I wish I could download my life’s manual – I feel like I do not belong here – “There must be more to life than this” – I want a change but I do not know which direction to take – I want to know myself – My life may look great but deep down I am not truly happy

How Do I KNow
This is What I Need ?

Soul Realignment is for you if:

  • You are on a personal development journey, you are a spiritual seeker
  • You want to know yourself on a deeper level
  • You wish you had a roadmap to help you make inspired choices in life
  • You understand that we create our experience through choice
  • You believe we create our own reality yet have not succeeded in creating your desired reality
  • You are frustrated in some areas of your life, you feel stuck in your same old ways
  • You have tried many ways to shift a particular problem without success
  • A specific problem keeps coming back in different shape or form
  • You notice repeating patterns in your life
  • You are particularly drained, tired or negative despite doing all the right things
  • You are experiencing what seems to be bad luck,
  • Some things outside of your understanding seem to be affecting you
  • You long to find what you are truly made for

Benefits you might experience:

  • A profound understanding of who you are and how you are designed to operate
  • Taking control of your manifesting process
  • Understanding what causes your current limitations
  • Lifting of karmic and unconscious blocks to change, abundance and fulfilment
  • Increased energy, intuition, inspiration
  • Experiencing synchronicities, the feeling of “being in the flow”
  • Finding the “path of least resistance” in your life and career

Tell Me More

What is Soul Realignment®?

Soul Realignment® is the discovery of the gifts and qualities that your Soul was created more “specialized” in, and the clearing of blocks and restrictions that are possibly keeping you from having full access to these assets in this lifetime.

You may or may not yet relate to the description of your Soul’s personality, depending on how much blockages are restricting your conscious access to it.
The original Soul Realignment® reading involves clearing as many energetic blocks and restrictions as appropriate for yourself at this time, so you can start getting more in touch with your divine nature and make choices that will express it more in your daily life.

Expressing your divine nature more in your everyday life results in more ease, as this strengthens your connection to divine source energy, hence giving you more energy and inspiration.

The information about your Soul is retrieved psychically through the Akashic records, an energetic library of sorts, where are recorded every thought, action, emotion and experience for each and every Soul in all lifetimes. A strict frame of reference narrows the flow of information to specific occurrences that are relevant to your understanding of your human experience in this lifetime. Will only be exposed past choices you have made that are still playing out in your life today so you can course correct, meaning, making different choices, more aligned to your divine nature, that will reap more satisfying consequences now and in the future.

This is not about curiosity and figuring out who you have been in past lives for the sake of knowing. The aim is understanding of negative past choices to correct future ones, so as to impact your life in a very practical way.

This is about empowering you to take responsibility for your human experience, what you think, feel, speak, and do so you can experience a different outcome by making different choices. The clearing of energetic blocks will ease the feeling of stuckness in old patterns and facilitate new choices but unless you ground your new insights into action and are making new choices at the physical level (not just thinking about it), you will see no different results in your life. The clearing opens a potential for change, you choose to act on it to experience the outcome.

What happens during a session?

You are providing the following information for the reading to occur:
Date of birth, place of birth, full name at birth, full name now.

The reading and clearing are done on your behalf ahead of time.
The session itself consists in giving you a verbal report of the findings of the reading, either on the phone or in person. II will explain the characteristics of who you are at Soul level, what blocks might have prevented you from expressing it so far and we are discussing how you can start applying this information into your life. Session lasts 1 to 1.5 hour.

At the end of the session you receive a text to read everyday for 21 days to anchor the benefits of the clearing into your consciousness, helping you to ground new choices in real life.

Soul realignment reading is a one off reading. Nevertheless we are only able to deal with a certain amount of energetic clearing at one given time, so the blocks and restrictions uncovered are the ones that are appropriate for you to deal with safely at this moment in time.

Your Soul Realignment® reading can be followed up by:

  • Life Situation readings: Looking at and clearing the energetic root cause of life events. Advised whenever you are feeling again stuck in your life, or facing new challenges.
  • Relationship readings: Looking at the energetic ties between two people having a personal or professional relationship. Understanding who both are at Soul Level for more fulfilling partnerships.
  • Roadmap to Manifestation: Looking at your Soul’s original blueprint for manifestation, the conditions in which you will most easily harness its creative power.


Soul Realignment®, highly specific, cohesive system of accessing information within the Akashic records, was created in a 2007, by Andrrea Hess, successful psychic and online entrepreneur. Her goal to create her own intuitive healing modality but to strip away a lot of the dogma prevalent in many spiritual development courses today resulted in a creation that is both congruent with Universal Law and deeply satisfying to our logical, thinking mind.

At the heart of Andrrea’s work as a spiritual teacher is the principle that we are the divine creator of our own experience, through free will and choice, and her focus is on teaching spiritual principles in a way that created practical life results.

She creates online programs currently serving thousands of students worldwide into stepping into their Divine and most authentic self expression within their human experience. She empowers her clients and students to take full responsibility for what they do experience, fostering the knowing that we do indeed have the power to create the life we desire.

Her book “Unlock your Intuition: How to accurately and reliably access your most valuable resource” is available on Amazon.

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