PSYCH-K®, Bruce and the Petri Dish…

PSYCH-K®, Bruce and the Petri Dish…

PSYCH-K®, Bruce and the Petri dish: A tale of change.

It all started with Bruce. Bruce Lipton. And his Petri dish. What he discovered in it and how he put it together in his best seller “The Biology of Belief”.

When I read it 6 years ago I went from Hmm, to Ahh… to OMG! And it helped me understand why I wasn’t getting where I wanted to in life, and how I could start changing it. Here are my breakthrough moments, and how it helped me change my life.

“Hmm” moment: contrarily to common belief, when you remove all its DNA from a cell, the cell does NOT die, it keeps living and working as per its design. So the DNA does not control the behaviour of the cell, it is merely the blueprint to manufacture its spare parts. The only reason why cells without DNA are dying is because their parts cannot be repaired or replaced when they wear off.

“Ahh” Moment: because he was cloning stem cells, Bruce could take strictly identical cells and put them into different Petri dishes, each in a different environment. Each cell, even though it had the exact same DNA, grew into something different depending on the environment they were put in. A cell growing in a nutritious environment was thriving. The exact same cell with the exact same DNA growing in a hostile environment was dying.

“Oh My God” Moment: when I put it together: the behaviour and health of a cell does not depend on its DNA, it depends on its environment. We as human beings are a collection of billions of cells. Our behaviour and health does not depend on our DNA, it depends on the environment we live in, and the environment we live in is only as good as WE PERCEIVE IT TO BE.

What’s YOUR Experience?

Do you perceive your environment to be loving and nurturing or to be unfriendly and hostile ?

We see our environment through a multitude of “sieves”, filters, put in place by our brain to avoid us being overloaded with information. There is only so much we are able to process consciously. If our mind was not constantly screening all the information we receive second-by-second from our environment, we would short-circuit! So it habitually selects which information is relevant to us, and which isn’t. We are not aware of this selection, and we are not aware of what is left behind as a result of it.

And what are the selection criteria? Where do they come from?

How come some people seem to have more luck then others, why some people seem to come across great opportunities, make good choices and succeed more than others? Are some people cursed and others blessed?

Depending on the selection criteria through which our brains screens in or out the information from our environment – the sieves or filters through which we see our world – what is allowed into our awareness can be constantly positive, supporting & nurturing or constantly limiting, self sabotaging & even destructive. It is not a question of luck or misfortune, or of curse or blessing. It’s a question of which filters our brain is using to screen all the information we are constantly bombarded with from our surroundings.

What does your brain allow you to notice? How are you screening life? Do you notice the rain or the rainbow? Do you notice that the bus is late or the smile of the bus driver when he apologizes for the delay? When your brain has a positive filter it will urge you to pick up the newspaper where that ad for the job of your dreams is. It will make you turn left instead of right on the street where you will bump into that old friend you haven’t seen in years. It will make you talk to that stranger who will become your loving life-long partner, etc… When your brain has negative filters, at best you are just missing out on great opportunities. At the worst you are attracting into your awareness failure and havoc.

Can We Really Change?

Can we teach our brain to screen the good stuff in and leave the bad stuff out? Can we change the filters through which we see the world? These filters are our beliefs, our subconscious beliefs, the ones we don’t know we have and yet dictate what our brain is allowing us to notice and experience. Do you believe the Universe to be a friendly place? If so you might notice the rainbow more so than the rain. If you are constantly noticing the rain and the late bus, but never the rainbow nor the smile of the bus driver, you might have negative filters, negative beliefs you inherited from your past experiences, your parents, teachers, etc… And that might deprive you from amazing opportunities, & put you in situations where you will fade instead of thrive, like the cell in the wrong Petri dish.

Can we check the quality of our filters? Can we change them if they are no longer supporting us?

Then again, Bruce gave me the answer, right in his book:

“The ‘secret of life’ is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives, PSYCH-K® is a set of simple, self-empowering processes to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level.” (Bruce Lipton, PhD, cellular biologist, world renowned author of Biology of Belief.)

PSYCH-K in Ireland

I trained in PSYCH-K in Ireland 5 years ago, and it was the “beginning of the rest of my life”. I now have the understanding that when negativity pops up in my awareness, it is merely the reflection of a perception I have, and I now have the tool to change it, to change the belief that is causing that perception, I now have the ability to basically change my Petri dish. And I am trained to help you do the same.

So if your life does not reflect the positive and fulfilling scenario you are looking for, ask yourself what do you believe that is affecting how you perceive your environment and how your life is reflected back to you.

And I will finish with one word of advice: monitoring our perceptions starts by looking after our thoughts, because our thoughts become our beliefs so the way we think all day everyday impacts the programming of your subconscious mind and the quality of our Petri Dish. We all have negative programming from our childhood years, and PSYCH-K® is a quick and effective way to change it, but it is also up to us as adults to step in and change our conscious ways of thinking to actively write a different scenario in our life. As Henry Ford said “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you are right.”

Contact me for advice regarding PSYCH-K®: 087 6905951 – email to book an appointment with me in Dublin, Ireland.

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Fiona Stewart, you scared the sugar out of me!

Fiona Stewart, you scared the sugar out of me!

I’m just back from a talk about Candida. You know… Candida, that fungus with a sweet name. Actually until today I thought I had a fair idea what it was. Mostly what I knew about it is the complete and utter hassle that people go through to get rid of it: going through such extremist diets that I’d call them jihadist diets if I wasn’t afraid to infringe on political correctness. All I know is that, as much as i condemn religious extremism, i could never ever come to terms with such dictatorial food control. That’s why I just decided not to have Candida. How do you do that? well you just decide: “I don’t have Candida.” Impossible. I have all of these annoying symptoms for which I’ve been looking for causes for years, and Candida is just not one of them. And among all the cures I’ve been looking for, quitting sugar and carbs for the rest of my life is just not one of them. That’s it. Decision made. All sorted.

Great. Until my doctor sends me for a blood test that comes back positive for Candida (and a bunch of 30 other food intolerances…). Well what happens then? not much… surely if I stop eating bread and go easy on the cheese for a couple of weeks, everything is gonna be ok. Surely it will. Even my doctor barely even mentioned it (good woman).

So everything is great, (besides an auto-immune Thyroid disease, pretty constant bloating and year long sleepless nights). Everything is great until today, because today is the day I met Fiona Stewart.

Fiona Stewart is a life coach, a life coach who lost her job in a multinational corporation because she didn’t even have enough energy to go to work anymore, because of Candida. Now reconverted “Candida whisperer”, she educates stubborn people like myself about what it is and mostly why we really shouldn’t ignore it. And how she does it is by scaring the s… (sugar, i meant sugar…) out of you.

So Fiona starts her presentation by distinguishing 4 types of people in relation to Candida:
– The resigned, those who tried everything, couldn’t get rid of it, and are resigned to live with it.
– The masters, those who had it, killed it, and live happily ever after.
– The procrastinators, those who know they have it, know they should do something about it, but start mowing the lawn instead.
– The innocents, those who just don’t know much at all about it (or pretend not to know?… that’s just me saying).

I let you figure out in which category I raised my hand, right?

So then Fiona carries on and explains what it is. Candida is actually a microscopic yeast. And for those who think they don’t have it, think again. We all have it. No exceptions. We all have it because it rests dormant in this microscopic harmless form in ALL of us. So that’s it, in a healthy body it stays in a microscopic spore form. Ah well… Gremlins are cute too… until you feed them after midnight.

And that’s where the trouble starts, it doesn’t have to be after midnight actually, but when you feed your body the wrong stuff (and it doesn’t even have to be food… antibiotics, contraceptives and steroids are doing a good job too), cute little spores mutate into a savage form that pretty much eats your body away. Not so cute.
And here is the thing: we all have candida for a reason, precisely because it is supposed to mutate and eat our body away. But only AFTER we die. Yep, that’s what is going to rot us to the bones when the time comes. And the problem is… what happens if the time comes a bit too early, as in… while we’re still alive and kicking???

Oups… You said it.

Wanna know what happens then? (I know I know, I don’t like horror movies either but hey, you can do this, keep reading.) So what Candida does when it mutates is… It starts by making holes in your gut. In case you think a little ventilation is not that bad, let’s clarify something: What is your gut supposed to do? Your gut is like an immigration officer: it discriminates! Separating legal guys from illegal guys, so separating waste matter from nutrients: the former is eliminated while the latter are reabsorbed into the bloodstream. You either have a visa or you’re escorted out of the country, right? Well imagine if there are unattended gaps at the border?… happy days! everybody gets in! What’s the consequence? your blood basically gets contaminated with waste matter. If it starts to remind you of the Fukushima disaster, you’re getting it right.

So what happens once the bad guys are running wild all around? Bruce Willis is getting old so that would be your immune system that’s gonna be on alert all the time to fight off the vermin… and it has a pretty overwhelming job with all this stuff that’s not supposed to be there, so it might also start fighting innocent victims along the way. (Allergies, anyone? food intolerances? worse.. auto-immune diseases? sounds familiar?)

Here’s what can happen as a result of your organs being fed with unclean fuel:
Itchy skin, sleep disturbances, muscle pain, joint pain, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, fybromyalgia, arthritis… As Fiona puts it “it might not be life threatening, but it certainly is ‘quality of life’ threatening.”

And do you want to know something scary? (as if you’re not scared enough already): every fybromyalgia sufferer has candida overgrowth, no exception. And even scarier, every cancer sufferer has candida overgrowth, no exception. We could argue, in a who-was-there-first-the- chicken-or-the-egg style, that Candida appears as a result of cancer, the body being weakened by the disease, the treatments, etc.. but here’s something to think about: as it turns out, cancerous tumors always have a higher candida concentration than the surrounding tissues… I don’t know, just sayin’.

So are you scared enough? do you want to know if you have it? Easy: spit it out. Yes you heard that right. It is not a 100% reliable but if you don’t have access to a proper blood test it will give you an indication of whether you might have candida overgrowth. So here is how it works: brush your teeth really well before going to bed, and after a long enough night sleep (to leave enough time to bacterias to build up in your mouth), take a glass of the purest water you can find and spit in it (before doing anything else, even drinking a glass of water). Come back half an hour later and check the forecast:
– Clear sky: so far so good, no candida in sight.
– Cloudy: chances are you have a candida overgrowth.
– Stringy: tornado warning, candida is already at a quite aggressive stage.
– Bitty: it might be candida, it might not, other bacterias could also cause this type of “weather” but you might still want to invest in an umbrella, I mean, let’s face it, if you’re going all the way to spit in a glass in the morning, I guess it’s not just for the fun… admit it, you’re a little suspicious, right?

No? really? Not even a little? So let’s look also at how Candida affects our emotions and our personality, just to be sure you’re really not possibly a “candidate”.
First, we know candida affects the ability of the gut to discriminate between what’s good and what’s bad for the body right? so guess what… Are you good at making decisions yourself? Are you good at deciding what’s good for you, what you should allow in in your life? are you good at letting go of bad stuff? Are you one of these people who “takes no crap” on board? or are you rather too reasonable? do you see too much other people’s points of view? are you bad at setting boundaries?
Then what happens next with Candida: contaminants in the blood are irritating the body, right? so on a bigger scale… do you take crap sometimes and get annoyed about it afterwards?
And lastly in the chain of events, the immune system gets in fight mode, right? so… have you ever had arguments out loud with people who are not even there?
Isn’t that scarily accurate? I know it is for me.

So what do we do about it??????

Here is the perfect script for a happy ending:
– Killing off the bastards,
– Saving the good guys (repopulating the friendly bacteria),
– Pacifying the atmosphere (rebalancing the blood chemistry).

And I’ll just throw a couple of advices here (well, Fiona threw them, i’m passing them on…):
1) To kill off candida, please think twice about using antifungal drugs as they can be very hard on the liver. There are natural and efficient alternatives like essential oils: Cinnamon, oregano, thyme, clove, melaleuca, also coconut oil and caprylic acid.
2) Once repopulating the gut’s friendly bacteria, don’t take the probiotics at the same time as the anti-fungal oils, the body needs time to kill some bad guys to make some space for the good ones. Otherwise the good guys are driving all the way down to your intestines but won’t find a parking space and will drive off straight away.
3) Don’t stop there, once the candida is under control, there are more steps to take: heal the gut with digestive enzymes and glutamine, detox the liver and rebuild the immune system.

But you can’t be doing all of this without addressing your diet. And that is where I found Fiona particularly sympathetic. She doesn’t advocate the food dictatorship. She knows our modern lifestyle don’t accommodate the “everyday-all-organic-homemade-prepared-in-advance meals” strategy. She believes that a diet that is at times imperfect is better than a diet that never starts. And to help us along the way of re-thinking our eating habits and our lifestyles, she is launching a website where she will revamp the anti-sexy candida cook books and adapt the fancy recipe books to more reasonable requirements for candida victims. She will read food labels for us and tell us what we can or can’t buy in the supermarket (and yes, there is still stuff we can buy in there).

So yes, Fiona scared the “sugar” out of me, I wish she rather scared the candida out of me directly but even though she’s an amazing speaker, she’s not THAT good… yet! (Fiona, I hope you’re working on it) lol; she scared me but she also gave me hope that I will be able to do something about a condition that I realise now might be the root cause of pretty much all of my health concerns. I also stand reassured and empowered by the fact that I have my essential oil based products to assist me in rewriting the movie script of my health. I may not look like Uma Thurman and I don’t have a Bill to Kill but I have a Candida to Control. So if you’ll excuse me now, I am now off to start my cleansing detox, taking my essential oils infused supplements along with my Oregano and Probiotics, my Liver cleanse, my metabolic blend and a dash of Lemon.

If you too want to apprehend your candida suspect, you will soon be able to find information on Fiona’s website, (coming soon), and of course I strongly recommend to support yourself along the way by using natural solutions. The community of Essential Oils enthusiasts I am part of not only provides education on safe and effective natural alternatives to take care of your health but it also offers friendly and effective support in making the necessary lifestyle changes. If you too are looking for support in your Candida crusade don’t hesitate to get in touch.

It is thanks to Essential Oils that I met Fiona and learnt about Candida today. And I would like to thank Becky Barney for giving us this fantastic opportunity. Becky introduced my favorite Essential Oils company in Ireland 3 years ago and has been committed since to teach us a better way to take care of ourselves. Thank you Becky, and thank you Fiona for the fantastic job you are both doing in educating us.

Check Fiona’s website:
Check Essential Oils:
Note that the best way to learn about Essential Oils is to come to a class, so contact me to be kept informed of class schedules (

CP-what??? My experience with Essential Oils

CP-what??? My experience with Essential Oils

I qualified in Aromatherapy in 2007. I was really excited about learning about essential oils! Well that was before I started my training though because I didn’t stay excited for very long… by the end of the course I was nearly put off using essential oils altogether… Why? Because this is what we learnt in class: “don’t take them internally!” or you might die… “don’t put them neat on your skin” or you might turn bright red and you skin will disintegrate… Always dilute them and never ever EVER put more than 2 drops for 5ml of carrier oill…. otherwise… i don’t know… the sun will turn cold and flesh-eating aliens will invade the earth?… and oh, I nearly forgot! don’t throw them in the sink or it could damage the drains (seriously??) pfff…. quel “tue l’amour…” (what a “love-killer” as we say in french…). Who wouldn’t be put off, right?

But anyway… I went by the rules and gave it my best shot. But after a couple of years I stopped using them as they didn’t seem to make much of a difference at all, apart from a nice smell.
Now… Fast forward 2 months ago: my aroma-enthusiast colleague Aileen coming back from a 6 months trip around the world brought back a little treasure with her: doTerra Essential Oils. To be precise, “doTerra CPTG essential oils”… CP what???

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade… Which in a nutshell means the company guarantees that the oils are pure, that is to say free from any foreign particles, herbicides or pesticides, and that the process of extraction is respected to ensure the highest possible potency of each oil, granting them with medicinal grade. (It’s not me saying, it’s the american FDA). And the company went the extra mile by creating their own quality standard to reflect the amount of testing, third party and in-house, that they do to ensure that the purity and therapeutic properties of each oils are guaranteed for each bottle that is released on the market. Other brands are welcome to align on this testing regimen to benefit from this quality standard but so far no-one has been brave enough.

Anyway, that’s not how Aileen convinced me, CPTG sounds all great on paper but at that stage I was only vaguely paying attention to what she was saying. So how did she get me? first by giving me a glass of water… that I thought she had put mint syrup in. But no it wasn’t syrup at all it was peppermint oil…only one drop of peppermint oil in a whole jar of water. And the taste was so strong. To be honnest I was like… “You mean I can actually “drink” essential oils? (remember my training had nearly me convinced Essential Oils were nothing short of a “biohazard”). So anyway, yes! the answer is yes, you can drink them, eat them, rub them pure on your skin, BUT Aileen wouldn’t chance it with any other brand, and that is because she trusts doTerra for their purity and safety, precisely because of that CPthingey quality affair I wasn’t paying too much attention to at the beginning ;-). It is starting to make sense, right; it is true that on any bottle you find in the shop, even if the oil is certified organic, it always states “do not take internally” on the sticker. You can go check, I did. Anyway Aileen was starting to have my attention, because as simple as that I really like the concept of putting peppermint, lemon or lime in my water (I’m a bit lazy so would save me a lot of lemon squeezing, lol).

And my last mental block went down soon after, when she gave me the leftover of her peppermint bottle. I was just setting up my treatment room in the Holistic Center for a client and I already had put a couple of drops of I-can’t-even-remember-which oils in the burner (they weren’t smelling much at all), and since I had the bottle in my hand I added one drop, just one drop of Peppermint in the mix. And all of a sudden I was sitting in a field of peppermint… literally… I could smell nothing but peppermint all over the room. And I was astonished by the strength of the smell. That, people, is what sold me.

I have been buying doTerra oils since, (thank you Aileen!) and I have not been disappointed. I have been enchanted, amazed, baffled and maybe even flabbergasted (I love that word, so happy to find an chance to place it ). I have attended all possible classes organised by different doTerra enthusiasts, and I’ve met THE Lady, the lady who had the extremely good idea to introduce doTerra to Ireland 3 years ago, Becky Barney, and her husband Eric. Eric who is a young retired from the construction industry turned doTerra support team. Eric who could afford to close his own business because they’re doing so well working full time sharing the doTerra experience all over the world. Eric who was so anti-oils at the start that he actually thought his wife was crazy… but hey… how’s crazy now, right?

I certainly am! crazy about these oils, my interest and faith in Aromatherapy is back up 100%, and I keep being happily surprised by the results. And that’s the beauty of it, the surprises are always positive. As Becky says, they have no negative side effects, but they can have positive ones! For example when she started using the Anti-Ageing blend called “Immortelle” around her eyes, not only did she notice results in her wrinkles, but her eyesight improved too! Who doesn’t like that kind of surprises?

And I was thinking for myself, “you’d have to have been using them for years to have cool stories like that”, but not even, no later than last month did I have a “positive side effect” story myself: What happened was this: Julie + Paris + heat + metro + walk + walk + walk x high heels = pain + blisters! So as a desperate quick fix attempt, I decided to rub lavender on the ball of my feet… That’s all I had on me and since it couldn’t do any harm anyway…. So I rub it in… and yes, it probably helped to heal the blisters quicker and to numb the pain, but what shocked me is that after 5 minutes of applying the oil I started to breathe better and deeper, and I didn’t even think I was breathing badly in the first place, but suddenly my lungs opened up and it was like a rush of fresh air coming in. We could argue that the ball of the feet in reflexology is actually the location of the reflex point for the lungs, and that it was the result of massaging my feet… maybe… but i’ve massaged my feet before… and never did I experience such a difference in my breathing… The combination of the 2, the oil on the lungs reflex point, have proved unexpectedly successful and that, is a cool side effect I find.

These unexpected “side effects” are fun to write about but i’ve had a lot of very much “expected” results of course, like stopping stomach-ache and nausea in its tracks with DigestZen on multiple occasions, decongesting my nose with a Respiratory blend, stopping allergy crisis with Lavender lemon and peppermint, and more recently nipping a bladder infection in the bud with a protective blend. These are really cool for me because it’s already much more results in 2 months time that I’ve ever had for myself using other brands during the couple of years that I was practicing aromatherapy.

So please, if you too have had expected or unexpected results with Essential Oils, with or without positive side-effects, please share them!


Detox From The Negativity

Detox From The Negativity

Are you feeling under the weather, or caught up in a negative loop of experiences, do you feel that you are not coping with your daily tasks, or struggling in reaching your goals?

Maybe you have gone through a difficult time that has triggered your mood to deteriorate, or maybe you just feel like this without apparent reason.

If this has been the case over a period of time, it has become habitual, making it more difficult to overcome with just the power of your own will.

Our mind is extremely sophisticated and the part of it that regulates our body functions is also recording all of our experiences, like a giant recorder that is on 24/7 from the day we are born. It is also constantly filtering the information our brain receives from our environment and only lets us be aware of what is relevant to us in each moment. How does it chooses to make us aware of one thing over another? To make us notice the rain or the rainbow ? All our perceptions are ruled by the data base of previous recorded experiences and our mind makes us be aware of what matches the records, and ignore what doesn’t. So what you are made aware today depends on yesterday’s experiences.

So when you have been feeling gloomy for a while, whatever the reason, chances are your own mind is using this information as a reference to screen out any new experience that is not of the same “vibration”. This as a result is switching your gloomy mood from the category of a simple feeling to the category of a “habit”.

So if my own mind only allows me to notice the gloom around me, how can I possibly get out of it?

Nowadays there are techniques designed to access the mind’s data base of experiences, delete information in it, and install new pieces of data. New references in the database mean that new experiences will be allowed to reach your awareness. (Access Bars & PSYCH-K®).

But besides these techniques, there are simple things you can do to improve:

Practice coherence: Coherence is a state of harmony between the heart and the brain, when positive heartfelt emotions induce the heart rhythm to slow down and regulate. This influences the nervous system to relax, creating the right environment for the mind to work at its full potential. You do not need to wait for a good news in your life to experience a positive emotion. This is something you can induce yourself. Here is how you can practice it: make yourself comfortable, connect with your heart by bringing your hand on your chest over your heart area. Be conscious of your heart beating in your chest. Take deep breath “through your heart”, as if your heart had a nose and a mouth, visualizing the air going in and out through your chest. Then recall a positive memory, think of a person, a pet or a place you love while keeping up the breathing and indulge in the calm feeling it restores in your body and mind. Practice this exercise every day, use it before starting a challenging task so it will help you to clear your mind and focus your attention, and most of all use it any time you are feeling overwhelmed with stress or negativity.

Practice positive impregnation:

you can start reprogramming your own mind’s data base by using positive affirmations. To be efficient, the affirmations have to sink into and impregnate the subconscious mind. That is why they should be repeted while in a relaxed meditative state, because the mind is then in a heightened suggestible state. So good times to repeat your affirmations would be : after a meditation, after your coherence practice session, or in bed when you are just about to fall asleep or upon waking up, during these phases when you’re not fully asleep but not fully awake either.

Create your own affirmations, only in a positive tense and in a way that is also believable to your conscious mind so it wouldn’t resist the suggestion. Ex: rather than saying “I am always happy and cheerful” – which you might resist if this is a goal too far removed from your actual reality – tweak it slightly to make it something easily believable, such as “every day I am getting happier and happier”. This eliminates any resistance your conscious mind may have opposed to a goal that appears unrealistic for you in this moment in time.

Develop your “positive radar”:

Start to be attentive to the positive things that happen in your life, small or big, whether it is the smile of a stranger in the street, or a promotion in work. By acknowledging the tiniest sparks of positivity in your life you are training your mind to look for more of it. The more you see them the more there will be to see! Make an effort to identify the more positive, or less negative aspects of any situation. There is always something we can appreciate : it could only be the hot shower you had in the morning, or even something as taken for granted as the air you breathe. Acknowledge these things and be grateful for them, since as they say, the more grateful you are, the more there is to be grateful for!
If you are making it your business to feel good on purpose, positive thinking will soon become a habit rather than an effort!