One thing I am passionate about is how our mind works, especially our subconscious, and how we can leverage its power to turbo boost changes in our life… and I actually have amazing tools to do just that. Unfortunately I have noticed many times that the problem lies in clients not knowing what changes they want to make in the first place, so there is not much to turbo-boost at all…

Boosting the mind is not enough

The turbo-boosting technique I am using, called PSYCH-K®, is a way to program the subconscious mind with positive self enhancing beliefs, a little bit like hypnosis. And a PSYCH-K® session revolves around this question: What does your life look like now and how would you like to have it instead? From this questioning we can easily identify beliefs that would be useful to have in order to bridge that gap in the quickest and easiest way possible. Download these beliefs in the subconscious and they will run in auto-pilot to support the goal. As if your goal was your destination, your subconscious mind your GPS and you are using PSYCH-K® to program it with the quickest itinerary.

But here is the frustrating bit: Some of my clients do not really know what they want in life, of life, from life…. All they know is that they are not fulfilled with what they have now, but clueless about what they want instead. So we only have half of the equation. How do you make up an itinerary to a destination that is not there? How do I help people like this? What do we download in the GPS? Of course there will always be limiting beliefs we can transform into supporting ones. It is useful, but it is going to be difficult to measure the impact of that change. Indeed, let’s say you run a 100m in 35’, you go train to run faster, then come back to run the 100m again, except they have removed the finish line. How will you ever know you are running faster? Changing your limiting beliefs will create a potential, but without a finishing goal to reach out how will you realise it is actually making a difference in your life?

A blueprint for happiness?

So how do I help my indecisive clients to know better? One thing I would assume we all want more of in life is happiness and fulfilment. But how do we know something makes us happy and fulfilled unless we try it? Some people are lucky they had a taste early in life of their happy triggers, do not give up on them as a lot of us do under social pressure, and give a good shot at it in their adult life. Some people might just take a guess and launch themselves into something that turns out to be a great match for them. Some people bloody well know what would make them happy but are convinced otherwise by the nagging voice of societal norm and settle for less. Some people try different things but are running out of time or money and maybe even ideas so they settle for something that pays the bills, and if they are lucky they might have enough time and cash for their hobbies to balance out the happiness ratio. Indeed, how many shots can we get at trying things to find what makes us truly happy while paying our bills? What if the universe could save us some time and hassle and send us a mail with the exact recipe of how to be happy and fulfilled? Our own personalized recipe, totally unique and tailored to us?

I think I have found how to download this personalised roadmap to happiness. It’s called Soul Realignment® and it describes our Soul’s personality so we can align to it in real life. Indeed, what better way to find happiness than expressing who we truly are? I mean who we truly are beyond social conditioning and categorisations, besides the roles we assign to ourselves, underneath the layers of beliefs we accumulate to cope with society. I mean who we truly are at Soul level.

That is the point where you should stop reading if you do not believe that we all are spiritual beings having a human experience. (I probably should have put a disclaimer at the top of the article, apologies…). If the concept even remotely makes a bit of sense to you, imagine that if you knew your Soul’s intrinsic qualities (what it is made of and what it is good at) then all that would be left for you to do is to make choices that support the expression of these qualities.

The gifts you did not even know you had

What is your Soul’s main personality trait? Compassion, creation, order, love, self-expression, truth, power or wisdom? What main “theme” did your Soul choose to experience in this lifetime? Would that not help to find out so we can map a proper itinerary towards our own happiness? For example if your Soul is gifted for self-expression, then you will be more aligned to who you are in communication and teaching rather than let’s say sitting behind a computer all day. Maybe that is precisely what you are doing and you are not happy but you have no idea what else to do, so knowing your Soul can lead you to make simple adjustments that can replenish your fulfilment tank: maybe there is a position in your company’s training department you can apply for and start educating others? Maybe you can start volunteering in an association teaching computer skills to elderly people? These are just examples of small stepping stones, because small adjustments like these will “feed” you with that rewarding feeling of doing what is right for you. This is nourishing to your soul and increases your vital force energy. This is what will give you the courage to follow your heart even further and make more life changing decisions as you know deep down within yourself that it is what you are “built” for. See, maybe you do not have to quit your job and embrace a koala catching career in Australia just yet to find happiness? By the way, yes, they are looking for koala catchers over there… (google “Australia’s weirdest jobs” if you do not believe me)… but be reassured, little adjustments well aligned to your soul blueprint will go a long way.

Soul realignment® allows me to draw a portrait of your Soul, to know your Soul’s personality with its gifts and qualities, and also clear the blocks and restrictions that have kept you so far from expressing these traits. My hope is that with this tool I can help you have more awareness about who you are at soul level and that with some coaching support I can help you come up with clear action plans to make definite changes in your life. Once we have that mapped out, then we can use PSYCH-K® to program your subconscious GPS to get you there as quickly and easily as humanly possible.

Ask me for a quote for either a Soul realignment® reading on its own, or as starting point of an integrative coaching program.