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Soul Realignment

Practitioner Training

What is it? Soul Realignment® is the intuitive healing modality that teaches you how to “read” the Akashic Records, just like I do for my clients. Through this work, you can discover the Soul’s purpose and history, as well as energetically clearing old patterns of negativity that we have created through past choices.

Who is it for?  Anyone, as there are no pre-requisites. The course’s structure is suited to aspiring practitioners, but the level of self-awareness this course brings with it is astounding – even if you never want to do this work professionally.

Who is teaching? Andrrea Hess, founder of this very specific frame of reference to access the akashic records. Andrrea has an empowering and no-bullshit approach to personal and spiritual development and is a captivating speaker, very easy to listen to.  You can check her blog here.

What is the course format? Online training, through 10 step by step video lessons released weekly, supported by a 190 pages reference book and live support calls twice a month. The content is highly structured and well-organized so it’s very easy to follow. Practice clients feedback required for certification. Study at your own pace.

What’s next? To check out course content in more details or book, click below:

Reiki Level I


What is it? Reiki is a hands on healing modality originating from Japan. It restores the flow of vital force energy into the recipient’s body, regulating the body’s self healing abilities, reducing physical pain, easing the processing of emotions, overall increasing wellbeing and refreshing the connection with oneself.

Who is it for?  Anyone. No pre-requisites except for the desire to progress on the path to self discovery.

Who is teaching? Myself. Reiki at its origin was taught by Mikao Usui (1865-1926), who passed on his teachings to a few selected students from whom stemmed different lineages. I am passing on teachings from the Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho tradition. Any useful concepts referred to in the course that do not belong to Reiki teachings are clearly identified as such.

What is the course format? Reiki level one is a 2-day experiential workshop. Students receive 4 ‘attunements’ to Reiki energy, learn about values & history of Reiki, hands techniques, and practice on themselves and each other. Only 2 students per training session.

What’s next? Workshops are held in Dublin 8, over 2 full days (10am-6pm) or 4 evenings (7pm-10pm). Dates are arranged on demand. Fee: €150 per person – 2 to 4 students per workshop. For more information get in touch here or submit dates below:



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