Strategic Action

Change What You Do guided from your akashic records


If manifesting new results were easy, we would all be living the lives of our dreams. By definition if desired outcomes were achievable by doing what we are already doing, we would already be experiencing them. But we don’t and that is because they are outside of our comfort zone hence require for us to stretch it in order to get there. This is a shift in vibrational state that requires effort in the form of new actions but it does not have to be a struggle when we get real about our intentions, shape congruent actions plans most aligned to who we are and the energy of our intentions and most importantly take these actions!


The field or matrix we live in contains all the information about our past choices and our most probable futures. We can use these informations, aka the Akashic Records, to powerfully craft a way to our goals. Coaching through the Akashic Records allows to check the possibility of an outcome so if need be refine our intention, its probability within a specific timeframe considering our karmic ability for change, and mostly which actions are going to most efficiently shift our vibrational state towards this intended outcome. This is life coaching on steroids.

Warning signs

Stuck in a rut – Very busy but going nowhere – Reaching my goals but unable to sustain them – So much to do so little time – Waiting for a sign from the universe

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