Reconnect with Who You Are through your akashic records


We are Souls having a human experience, but as creators of this experience we also have free will and get to experience the consequences of our choices, positive or negative. It is in our best interest to make choices congruent to our spiritual nature as they yield  positive and fulfilling results. Knowing our Soul’s personality allows us to make better choices.


We live in an energetic field of information that “records” every thought feeling deed or action made by every soul from the beginning of times. From this field known as “the Akashic records” we can retrieve information related to your Soul’s qualities and the blocks possibly restricting access to this potential. Upon clearing of these limitations it becomes easier to make choices expressing your true self and so attract more energy and abundance into your life.

Warning signs

I am missing a sense of purpose – I wish I could download my life’s manual – I feel like I do not belong here – “There must be more to life than this” – I want a change but I do not know which direction to take – I want to know myself – My life may look great but deep down I am not truly happy

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