Physical Balance

Support Your Body, your vehicle to experience life


Optimum health is not just the absence of illness. With constant aggressions from environmental toxins and mental and emotional pressure, the physical body needs regular attention, to process everyday visible and invisible challenges. Minor ailments are warning signs of imbalance to tackle before turning into full blown illness. Nurturing the body is not a luxury anymore.


Energy and touch are powerful healing catalysts. The human body has a natural inclination for balance. It constantly seeks homeostasis and by providing it with the right conditions it will naturally switch its self healing capabilities into gear. Calming the mind, pumping in life force energy, stimulating its bio-energetic pathways, supporting its terrain, through the powerful catalysts that are energy healing, touch and essential oils.

Warning signs

I am worn out – I don’t have time for me – I am tired all the time – I don’t sleep well – My mind is racing – I am sick way too often – Simple colds drag on for ages – I don’t function optimally – I have aches and pains – Minor ailments never go away

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