Coaching program

Full breakdown assistance for drastic life changes.

Are you lost? need help from start to finish ?

You need to go from A to B because… you definitely have enough of A but… either you don’t know how to get to B, or you got stuck somewhere halfway between A and B, or you don’t even have a clue where B is yet!

Does this look overwhelming?

Coaching programs follow a structure similar to the one below but there is no one size fits all and yours will be tailored to the specifics of your situation. They are flexible in duration and adaptable to your speed of action. You can start one at any step depending on the state of advancement of your project. Get in touch (it’s free) to assess and quote your personal program.

Week 1-2 Get direction

Especially important for folks who need to exit their current situation but have no clear idea of the exit strategy. In the absence of set intention we will find the general direction to follow, which is one suggested by your own soul blueprint. Expressing your soul’s purpose has to be the effective way to feel deep satisfaction and fullfilment, both in results and the process to get there.

Week 2-3 Craft the goal

Once you have insights on the type of person you are at the deepest level, what suits you and what doesn’t, we will build a goal that is aligned to your soul purpose, and for which the process to get there will have you express your soul’s qualities.

Week 3-4 Determine an Action plan

Once you know where you are going the difficult part starts, as to get new results you need to take “new” actions. The type of “new” that gets you out of your confort zone, because that is precisely where your goal is. To get the best result on investment for your efforts, we will craft an action plan based again on your Soul’s unique manifesting process.

Week 4-5 Enhance Self belief

Change ain’t easy, it requires effort, as you need to shift your vibrational state from the old you to a new you. And your subconscious mind, which is an habitual creature, won’t like that. It will likely freak out at the sight of your new plan. That is when you experience resistance. To soften this as much as possible we will program your subconscious mind directly with beliefs supporting your goal.

Week 5-10 Implementation phase

This is the part where you actively implement the actions you crafted. Reporting every week on your actions and results keeps you accountable and forces you to keep moving forward. We analyse the interim results you are experiencing, whether they indicate that you are on the right track or suggest you need to course correct. We check that your actions are stay aligned to both your soul profile and personal manifesting protocole.

Week 11-12 Transitioning and moving forward 

Unexpectedly, reaching your goal can actually in a way be quite traumatic; first because it sets a precedent for having successfully co-created your reality which means there are no excuses for not succeeding again, then because it can set you apart from your tribe, placing you in a new “category” you are not yet familiar with. As much as you want to achieve your goal, the “after goal” can feel quite scary and a source of last minute self sabotage. Awareness is key. And again we will soften arising resistance to operate a smooth transition to the “after goal”.

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