Focus on a life area

An aspect of your life has “room for improvement” ?

Where are you stuck?

If your car slows down because of a flat tyre, you don’t say “come on you, you still have three good tyres”! No, you stop and change the tyre. In life we tend to beat the crap out of the remaining tyres to make up for the flat one, all the while complaining it’s getting slow… Need I say more?

Does this look overwhelming?

Now that you are looking at it, maybe you will find that you relate with more than one area. This is ok, you might not be totally flat in one place, but just a little bit flat in a few places. This is the perfect time to service the whole car. Get in touch (it’s free) so we can craft a multi-part plan to suit your level of stuck-ness.

Where are you stuck?

Finding Purpose

What seems to be the problem ?

Life, without being totally lame, and while maybe being pretty much ok, seems to be missing something. Call it fulfillment, satisfaction, happiness, contentment… It has at times a little bit of an “is that it?” after-taste. And you might be working really hard at life and not getting proportional returns on investments, mostly in health, wealth or relationship department.

What will change?

Empowerment and responsibility. Your soul, your “spirit”, is your vital force energy. The more you tap into it, the more energy you have to “create” your life. You will understand what your spirit qualities are so you can now willingly and purposefully express them in your life. It will become your responsibility to act accordingly.


Soul Realignment will give you the awareness about yourself, and clears what got in the way so far of you expressing your true nature. Reiki does infuse your being with vital force energy which further reminds you of who you truly are. HeartMath tools help you stay in touch with your heart, deepening the connection with your true self.

Taking Action

What seems to be the problem?

You might be on a different point of a spectrum between these extremes: from the dreamer who is trying to run by-passes on the law of efforts, so much into spirituality they forget about the practicalities of life and think they are going to meditate and spiritual work will magically manifest their results for them, to the action driven over-achiever who yet is not yielding proportional results to their efforts, because of their actions’ lack of alignment with who they truly are,  with somewhere in between the pretty down to earth regular person who has dreams, aspirations and goals, has a fair idea of what they have to do to achieve them but have not been able to set themselves in motion, or are stuck half way through.

How to help with this?

Coaching:  essential to get clarity on what you need to do, why you are not doing it or why you are not getting the results you deserve.

Future Outcome Akashic Reading, helps to craft the action plan that will yield the best “return on investment” for your efforts

Personalised Unique Manifesting Protocole (PUMP Akashic reading): how the soul was designed to “manifest”, guidelines for best results yielding actions

HeartMath cardiac coherence: keeping stress at bay to ease the discomfort of getting out of your comfort zone, and enhance cognitive function necessary for smart decision making and action taking.

Building Mindset

What seems to be the problem?

Your might realise that your way of thinking is not serving you, or that despite a certain awareness and being wary of your attitude, you struggle to have things work for you, experience what seems to be bad luck, have a tendency to sabotage yourself. Your subconscious data base might be corrupted by negative self limiting beliefs that need a positive upgrade. Having subconscious beliefs supportive of our goals and values makes our conscious efforts and actions much easier and more efficient.

How to help with this?

Access Bars:  clears up subconscious data we accumulate in various areas of life (money, aging, body and sexuality, healing, etc…). Picture cleaning up trash and unwanted crap in your house before refurbishing.

PSYCH-K®: reprogramming the subconscious mind with supporting beliefs.

HeartMath cardiac coherence: keeping stress at bay to ease the discomfort of getting out of your comfort zone, and enhance cognitive function necessary for smart decision making and action taking.

Managing Emotions

What seems to be the problem?

Stress and managing your emotions are even more limiting than you might think. Before manifesting in the physical in the form of dis-ease, it will impede your decision making, keep you out of touch with your true self, rob you from enjoyable moments.

How to help with this?

HeartMath cardiac coherence: keeping stress at bay to ease the discomfort of getting out of your comfort zone, and enhance cognitive function necessary for smart decision making and action taking.

Essential Oils:  one way these concentrates of plants interact with your body is through the sense of smell. Smell is the only sense that talks directly to your limbic system, the seat of our emotions. Hence they have the power to directly impact our emotional states, in the brain.

Reiki: infuses the body with vital force energy, which calms the nervous system and allows to replenish your emotional tank. When it is empty there’s nothing left for you to give, neither to yourself or others. Reiki refills the tank.

Supporting the Body

What seems to be the problem?

Not caring enough for the body eventually pays off… in negative equity. If you have reached that point or are about to you might have started to experience minor symptoms that shouldn’t be ignore, difficulties sleeping, digestive problems, low immune system catching every bug on the block… Body needs to be nudged towards homeostasis again.

How to help with this?

Reiki: refills your Vital Force Energy tank.

Reflexology: foot acupressure for homeostasis.

Essential Oils:  triggering the brain’s emotions center through smell.

Aromatouch: stress reducing massage with essential oils.

Indian Head Massage: head & scalp massage for quick stress relief.

Hopi Ear Candling: natural ear hygiene.

HeartMath cardiac coherence: stress reducing practice.

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