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In the face of a challenge our bodies can only sustain high peak performance for a limited period of time before entering the exhaustion phase. With technology flooding us with information there is never an end to challenges anymore so it is not anymore a case of being able to recover fast and efficiently from one to be fit for the next, but it is rather a case of being able to sustain our performance state consistently so that no challenge can ever throw us over the limit anymore.


Resilience is the key. Resilience is the emotional batteries in our bodies. The quality of our batteries and our ability to keep them charged at optimum level dictates how long and how efficiently we sustain performance in the face of a challenge. To improve our performance sustainability we must improve our resilience baseline, this is done by learning HeartMath® Heart-Brain coherence techniques. Get higher capacity batteries to deal with today’s high paced times of extreme change. 

Warning signs

Tiredness  – Anxiety –  Iritablility – Overactive mind – Negative thinking – Constant worries – Sleeping problems – Underperforming – Difficulties to concentrate – Esprit de l’escalier – Memory problems – Feeling of not being in control – Being overwhelmed

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