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doTERRA’s Secret Ingredient

I had a breakthrough. About my favorite but very controversial essential oils company. Why are they so special. I have been asking myself why I got so attached to doTERRA essential oils. Originally I thought that is because of their quality, purity and chemistry wise...

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This is my personal photo album, feel free to use any of these pictures as daily inspiration.

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PSYCH-K®, Bruce and the Petri Dish…

PSYCH-K®, Bruce and the Petri dish: A tale of change. It all started with Bruce. Bruce Lipton. And his Petri dish. What he discovered in it and how he put it together in his best seller “The Biology of Belief”. When I read it 6 years ago I went from Hmm, to Ahh… to...

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I’m a builder!

Do you remember as a kid what you wanted to do when you grew up? What’s your job now? Are you getting up every morning to embody one of your childhood fanstasies? There were lots of things I was interested in when I was a kid, and I didn’t pursue any of them, well...

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Fiona Stewart, you scared the sugar out of me!

I’m just back from a talk about Candida. You know... Candida, that fungus with a sweet name. Actually until today I thought I had a fair idea what it was. Mostly what I knew about it is the complete and utter hassle that people go through to get rid of it: going...

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CP-what??? My experience with Essential Oils

I qualified in Aromatherapy in 2007. I was really excited about learning about essential oils! Well that was before I started my training though because I didn’t stay excited for very long… by the end of the course I was nearly put off using essential oils altogether…...

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Detox From The Negativity

Are you feeling under the weather, or caught up in a negative loop of experiences, do you feel that you are not coping with your daily tasks, or struggling in reaching your goals?

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